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Lavender Bloom Green Tea

Rs. 399.00 Rs. 319.00

  • CNR Lavender Bloom is a 100% natural and medium-caffeine tea. This blend is made in small batches considering its freshness to remain intact. It includes green tea, Lavender buds, Mango leaves, and Hibiscus.  
  • It can be consumed hot or cold. Lavender Bloom can be served with honey during the afternoon and evening. It helps with hair and skincare. 
  • With distinctive flavours, Lavender Bloom has a floral base with aromatic Lavender extracts.
  • Each tin contains 25-50 cups. Each box comes with an aluminium tin and pouch to maintain the quality of the tea. Add 2-2.5 gms of tea with 180ml of hot water for a perfect cup of tea.

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